New landscape features for Revit

BIM: Will your landscape software get you there?

CS ArtisanRV, the first web integrated landscape solution for Revit, is surging forward with new landscape features for Revit and developments to help you automate your landscape, saving you time, money and resources.  Our latest developments focus on growth, linear and area planting, with some exciting new functions beyond plants on the horizon.

Age and Grow

landscape features for revit 1

Add and age plants in your plans and schedules and grow by single planting (specimens), linear items (hedges & avenues), area planting (beds & woodland) or the entire model.

Linear and Area

landscape features for revit 2For Linear Planting, options are available to place planting as single species (e.g. an avenue of trees) or as a hedge. Area Planting can be applied to a floor, closed region, native Revit area or split topo.

Show and Adapt

landscape features for revit 3Modify and recalculate plant schedules based on ultimate height, ultimate spread or years to full growth.  View all instances of any plant type to modify individually.

View and Browse

display-plant-characteristicsView Single Object Properties and select planting in the model to display all the NPS information and characteristics.

Tag and Drag

tagging-option-1Tagging options enables users to define new label templates using a combination of free text and predefined parameters. Drag from the list of properties to edit, select or make default.

Help and Support

portalUse the CSD Portal to manage your account, reports, palettes and library and to contact CSD for individual support enquiries.  CS ArtisanRV now has an updated Help file with full details of all the functionality and features.

Coming Soon

You’ve seen the powerful features and potential of CS ArtisanRV for planting and softworks. Now imagine the impact this will have on reducing your workload when we unleash RV on other landscape elements in hardworks and groundworks.  We’ll be updating you very shortly on how you can begin to harness Revit as a platform for all your landscape plans, designs and schedules.