New Feature: Adding new plants to a palette

Open the Palette Builder either from the CS ArtisanRV application or by logging in to your account on the CSD Members Area via a web browser. The benefit of accessing the Palette Builder via a web browser, is that you then have access to all CSD online services.

Access your online account via the Customer Login on the CSD website.


Enter your login credentials (Organisation Name and Password) when prompted…


The CSD Web App Home page is displayed…


From here, you are able to access the Palette Builder (select the Palette option) and to add new plants (select Custom Plants).


The Palette Builder enables you to select a palette to open for editing or to create a new palette, which can then be opened for editing…


Here is a link to a video about using the Palette Builder including adding plants…

Custom Plants

CSD has added to the searchable library resource over the years, which currently contains approximately 11,500 species and varieties and approximately 120,000 specification options. The libraries comprise planting material from the UK, Europe, Australasia and New Zealand but there is an easy facility for users to add their own planting content via Custom Plants:


Custom plants added via the Palette Builder are automatically added to an organisation’s planting library. Custom plants are placed in a sandbox where CSD Admin is able to fully populate records and add plants to the Artisan Community resource. Note that this is simply source planting information which may be shared with the CSD Community and the content of user-defined palettes remains exclusive to the authoring organisation.


Add a new plant that does not exist in the CSD libraries to a mix

  • Use Custom Plants to create the new plant record
  • Add the new plant to a mix in Mixes Libraries
  • Add the modified mix to a palette.

After creating or modifying palettes, download to CS ArtisanRV (Revit add-in) or CS Artisan (AutoCAD add-in) for placing planting components directly into a BIM-ready environment (ArtisanRV) or CAD (Artisan).