Are you ready for BIM for landscape?

Be ready for BIM for landscape

what is bim for landscapeFor those involved in landscape design and the specification of landscape materials, getting BIM-ready means all your planting palettes, specifications and hard and soft materials and details need to be easily readable and transferable into your contractors, clients or clients’ agents systems.  This streamlines the construction process, eliminates duplication of workloads and considerably reduces project delivery times.

Facilitating information exchange with the adoption of Common Data Environment and operating collaboratively in a common platform, or using open source formats, is essential!  Clearly, closer collaboration with other design disciplines requires project information to be well-structured to agreed standards and protocols.  Operating the same software platform should reduce the issues with information exchange.

The UK Government requires “collaborative Level 2 BIM” – what does that mean and which level are you operating at right now?  Find out more about the BIM levels.