Creating Reports of separate Areas/Phases using CS Artisan landscape CAD for AutoCAD

By default, ALL ARTISAN LABELS are included in a report, so you have to filter required labels by Data Fields to create separate reports within the same drawing project.

Your focus therefore must be to ensure that labels in the drawing contain sufficient information to enable reports to be filtered, sorted, grouped however you intend. CS Artisan includes a number of additional ‘data fields’ that facilitate this… Location, Objective, User Data 1, User Data 2.

By way of example, to separate a drawing project into ‘phases’, the Objective field would be appropriate (although, it honestly does not matter which field is used, but it is always best to have a logical system!).

To modify labels already placed in the drawing, Window select around a collective group of labels as required and pick Edit Selected Labels (highlighted with red circle).

From the Edit labels dialog, change the filter to Planting (if the selection includes mix headers or non-planting labels); highlight all items in resultant list, enter a value in the Objective field (e.g. Phase 1) and pick Apply.

Select and edit other labels as required or set the Objective value accordingly (e.g. Phase 2) for all new planting labels.

Create (or modify) a Report to include ‘Objective’ as a Data Grouping and Save/Apply.

The report above shows results sorted by Location first and then our new Objective field. You can clearly alter this as required to suite your particular requirements (e.g. by omitting Location). Make sure that you save the Report template to a new file if needed in the future by picking from the File menu (top left of the Report Designer dialog.