CS Artisan Features – Design Details

CS Artisan is supplied with a number of standard Design Details, accessible from the Data panel on the Artisan ribbon.

Design Details are designed to be placed in a drawing and are drawn to scale (Metric: metre, Imperial: foot).  Users can use/copy/modify Design Details as required.  Design details are supplied by default in Metric and Imperial categories

The Artisan Ribbon
The Artisan Ribbon

CS Artisan is configured to make it as easy as possible for users to add their own Design Details.  These can either be added directly to either of the default Metric or Imperial folders (located In \Program Files\ CS Design\Artisan *****\Artisan Details Metric or Artisan De-tails Imperial) or by creating a folder at the same location using the Artisan Details prefix, e.g. \Program Files\ CS Design\Artisan *****\Artisan Details MyOfficeStandards.

CS Artisan Design Details Screen
Design Details Screen