CS Artisan Features – Labels

CS Artisan Labels utilise AutoCAD multi-leader technology that is defined in a local preferences file.

CS Artisan Preferences
CS Artisan Preferences

Set your label preferences by:

  • Content (Text):
  • Measurement Type
  • Labels Style
  • Multileader style
Content (Text)

The template used to construct the label’s text. This can be a mixture of real text and macros (identified by a leading and trailing % character). A full list of the macros in a local preferences file.

CS Artisan Labels Syntax
Syntax %number%nr %abb% is replaced by 4nr Ptnt fr D.
CS Artisan Labels Syntax
The syntax %number% %name% is replaced with 4 Potentilla fruticosa ‘Daydawn’
 Labels Style

You can edit your label options by:

  • Leader Style
  • Text Style
  • Layer
  • Colour
  • Text Size
  • Text Scale
CS Artisan Label Styles
Label Styles
CS Artisan Multileader Style
Accessing the AutoCAD Multileader Style Manager
CS Artisan Editing Multileader Style
Editing Multileader Style

Leader Styles can be created or selected prior to inserting labels or can be edited subsequently using standard AutoCAD Properties.

CS Artisan Leader & Label Styles
Leader & Label Styles