CS Artisan Features – Licensing Security

All CSD software is controlled via a web licensing system controlled via our servers.  There is no requirement for dongles or hardware devices to be able to operate CS Artisan.  CS Artisan software is provided via electronic download,  protected by a username and password.

CS Artisan Licensing
CS Artisan Licensing

After download, your program is installed with full administrator privileges.  Running CS Artisan for the first time will display the Authorisation dialog.  A unique User Name and Account Number is provided when an account is created and these credentials are used when authorising CS Artisan for the first time or if needing to re-authorise the program.
The same information is required to access your CSD account online via the CSD web portal.

CS Artisan Registration
CS Artisan Registration

Via the web portal,  enter your Account Name and Licence Number and select:

  • Request Trial Licence (for users who have not purchased a licence)
  • Request Full Licence (for users who have purchased a licence)

There is an option for users to enter Proxy Server information if your organisation uses this service.  Access is required to make connection to the CSD servers from time to time during the operation of CS Artisan: when running the Palette Builder, Mixes Library, to display Characteristics information or to connect to Web Reports.

You will only be prompted to enter authorisation details if:

  • It is a new installation
  • You have run the Deauthorise Licence utility from CS Artisan
  • Your licence has expired or
  • You have upgraded to a newer version of CS Artisan