CS Artisan Features – Reporting

CS Artisan provides two methods of extracting information from drawings.

  • Local InDWG Reports… placed in a drawing
  • Web Reports… project information is synced with user’s online CSD account
CS Artisan Reporting

InDWG Reports provide a continuous record of information as a project progresses and are continually updated as drawings are modified.

CS Artisan Edit Report Preferences
Edit Report Preferences

Report templates are saved to Report Template files for reuse or collaboration.

Local Report Templates are divided into  DATA and FORMAT

CS Artisan Report Designer
Report Designer

The Data area defines the information that will be displayed in the report and is arranged by:

  • Data Grouping… how the records are sorted
  • Data Fields… which fields are displayed and in which order, column header, sizing
  • Data Filter… which records are/are not included in the report

By default, all label records are included in a CS Artisan Report so Data Filter settings are used to create separate reports for:

  • Planting
  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Hardworks, Groundworks, Softworks
  • Records by Location, Phase, Objective and other user-defined criteria
CS Artisan Report Format
Report Format

The Format area defines how the information will be displayed in the report with Colour, Lineweight and Linetype options for Border, Section, Data Lines and Text Style, Height, Pad-ding, Text Colour and Fill Colour for Title, Subtitle, Column Header and Data Cells.