CS ArtisanRV Landscape Revit© Solution

CS ArtisanRV: The FIRST web-integrated landscape BIM software for Revit©

Launched in 2015, CS ArtisanRV enables the landscape professional to fully embrace Building Information Modelling, offering specialist BIM for landscape tools to collaborate with the industry leading Revit© solution.

Product Features

  • The first web integrated landscape solution for Revit©

    Autodesk Revit© is specifically built for Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Extensive Plant Libraries

    The CSD planting library is provided as a fully searchable database in the Cloud.
  • Palette Builder

    Enables users to create user-defined lists of plants and non-plants
  • Web Integration

    CS Artisan RV is the first web integrated landscape solution for Revit©
  • National Plant Specification

    The Cloud based National Plant Specification (NPS) takes the guesswork out of plant selection
  • Automate hardwork elements

    Add more than just plants, with hardworks elements. Run dynamically along the topography.
  • Single, Linear and Area Parametric Planting

    Place parametric planting as a single specimen, a linear hedge or avenue or an area and mix of plants
  • Plant Placement

    Plants are selected and loaded from palettes and projected on topography, floors or filled regions
  • Planting Mixes

    Planting Mixes can be created in the Palette Builder. Place as specimens, hedges, avenues or areas
  • Dynamic Scheduling

    Dynamic schedules auto-update in all views with full NPS plant information
  • Annotation

    The Revit® Annotations are used to define and select tags (labels) in the model.
  • Web Project Repository

    Characteristic and performance information auto-syncs with user accounts the from web repository
  • Web Licensing

    CS Artisan RV is controlled via a web licensing system
  • Age and Grow and Dynamic Flower Colour

    Using NPS libraries of plant growth, create visual interpretations showing age, growth and flower colour.
  • Shadow Analysis

    Create, measure and visualise shade percentage at defined times of the day, year and to geo-location
  • Smart Ribbons and Interface

    Simply execute commands from the Smart Ribbon. This gives you one-click access to your landscape tools