CS ArtisanRV Landscape Revit® Solution

CS ArtisanRV: The FIRST web-integrated landscape BIM software for Revit®

Launched in 2015, CS ArtisanRV enables the landscape professional to fully embrace Building Information Modelling, offering specialist BIM for landscape tools to collaborate with the industry leading Revit® solution.

Product Features

  • The first Cloud-based software solution for landscape Revit® integration

    Unleash the power of Revit® and BIM on your landscape with CS Artisan RV
  • *UPDATED 2018* Plant Libraries, Palette Builder & The NPS

    The NPS planting library: A fully searchable Cloud-based resource.
  • *NEW* Choose Metric OR Imperial

    Dynamically switch between Metric and Imperial
  • *NEW* Shade Analysis Enhancements

    Providing an accurate picture of the Sun's impact
  • Tree Roots in Revit

    Automate accurate clash detection for tree roots within your BIM environment in Revit.
  • Terrain Tools for Topography

    Automate the process of manipulating a topography within the Revit environment.
  • Use your existing tree survey information

    Place existing trees in a model directly from imported survey data
  • Parametric Plant Placement

    Place plants as specimens, hedges, beds and woodland. Age and grow. Add colour and shadow, dynamically
  • Landscape Hardworks in Revit®

    Create and visualise hardwork elements within your design and automate the landscape fully.
  • Revit® Dynamic Scheduling

    Dynamic schedules auto-update in Revit® in all views with full NPS plant information.
  • Landscape Revit® Features

    There’s more to come for hardworks in CS ArtisanRV. Stay on board and be the first to find out.