CS Artisan RV Features: Parametric Planting

Parametric Planting Families

parametric planting: age and growParametric planting: trees

Parametric planting families offer high quality imagery with all the nuances of differing planting types, structural forms, foliage and flower colour.  Crucially parametric planting not only looks more realistic, but unlike Revit® RPC trees, is built as dynamic models from underlying information including the industry-standard NPS (National Plant Specification) system.  This enables an improved visual impact as well as giving the flexibility to age and grow plants over time.  Of crucial importance, parametric planting provides data-rich models – essential for delivering a fully informative BIM.

Placing Parametric Planting on Topography

When the ‘flexed’ planting is placed in a Revit® model, the family is designed with discreet ‘foliage’ blocks that are orientated randomly in 3D space. Combined with other plants, draped on topography and with shadows on, the visual effect is stunning!

parametric planting: union jack

Dynamic Foliage & Flower Colour

Foliage colour is read directly from the underlying planting information system based on the associated plant species/variety, so some pretty elaborate effects can be achieved by species selection.  Flower colour for each individual species/variety is read dynamically from the CSDhub web repository and applied to each plant instance.

Imagining flower and foliage contrast – in design.

planting mix

Individual Plants, Hedges & Planting Areas

Parametric planting families are applied as single plants, linear items (hedges and avenues) and area planting draped (hosted) to topography.

individual linear area

Utilising Revit Shadow Analysis

Shadows play a significant part in the landscape  and creating, measuring and viewing shadows in Revit® is now possible using tools delivered specifically to fulfill requirements for users in the Middle East.  CS ArtisanRV incorporates extended shadow functionality to enable:

  • Percentage shade calculation for a target external space at defined time of the year/day using precise model geo-positioning for a specific real-world location
  • Accurate sun positioning & shadow generation from CS ArtisanRV for 4D planting – that’s 3D + time/age
  • User definition of sun ray resolution for speed or accuracy, up to 400,000 rays

CS ArtisanRV shadow analysis eliminates what users report took 2-3 weeks and a number of different software programs to calculate for an average model and condenses this into a matter of minutes.

Information, Information, Information

Foliage density can be defined as required with area planting adjusting automatically based on the size of bed. Random placement of planting components in 3D space ensures a naturalistic effect. Crucially all of this underlying information in CS ArtisanRV remains fully available for scheduling and information exchange.

shadow analysis