CS ArtisanRV Features: Tree Roots in Revit for Clash Detection

Clash Detection: Tree Roots in Revit

Model and detect in CS ArtisanRV

A new Tree Roots Revit tool is available for clash detection and avoidance in BIM processes.

The new utility has been created by CS Design Software to further enhance its BIM for landscape solution, CS ArtisanRV and has been created in response to specific requests from landscape professionals needing to provide fully informed 3D model content for collaboration on projects with other disciplines including architects, civil engineers and service providers.

3D Root Zones

3D root zones are based on species’ ultimate spread + 2m (so a tree that would achieve a spread of 6m would end up with a root zone of 10m diameter).

Tree Roots in Revit Clash Detection Accurate Rootzones

Root zones (generated as Revit floors) accurately follow the underlying terrain.

Direct output to Navisworks

Clearly, the purpose of creating root zones is for clash detection/avoidance and coordination with other disciplines, so there is direct output to Navisworks (BIM Reader/checker from Autodesk) as an integral part of the workflow for this purpose. The Create Root Balls tool opens up a Navisworks session by default and then links this model back into Revit.

Tree Roots Revit Clash Detection Direct Outputs

Automated Clash Detection

Within Navisworks, it is possible to run automated clash detection to identify any issues of conflict with underground services or features (road/paving construction, utilities or features).

Tree Roots Revit Clash Detection Clash Detection

Functionality has been built in to enable Root Barriers to be placed as required to protect services and/or underground features. The example below shows the result of a wedge being cut from the Root Zone when a barrier has been placed to protect the kerb edge.

Tree Roots Revit Clash Detection 3D Root Model

Working with Manufacturers

Root Barriers (created as Revit line-based families) are constructed at a depth defined by users and CSD is working with leading tree pit system manufacturer, Green Blue Urban, to establish links to centrally available product information.

Tree Roots Revit Clash Detection Real Product Partners

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