CS ArtisanRV Features: Landscape Hardworks in Revit®

Parametric modelling landscape hardworks in Revit®

CS ArtisanRV allows you to create and visualise parametric landscape hardworks in Revit and automatically access up to date schedule information.

Parametric modelling enables users to edit family types/instances, control sizing & definition of all components and immediately see the results in a 3D environment. Records are automatically updated with any changes in dynamic schedules enabling easy-to-run what-if scenarios – a serious design tool.

CS ArtisanRV is the first web integrated landscape solution for Revit®. Initially focused on the placement of singular, linear and area planting, with the added benefits of growth and an immense library of plants and characteristics built around the National Plant Specification, CS ArtisanRV can harness hardworks for Revit® designs, too.

We’ve used fencing as an example here, but our latest developments apply equally well to any hardworks elements that you use in your landscape… railings, bollards, paving, street furniture…

Create & visualise

fencecomponentCreate a fence run dynamically that follows the topography (fencing and railing can also be hosted to floors, walls, regions and native Revit® areas).

Size & Define

Fencing in RevitControl sizing and definition of all components (post, rails, pales, gravel board etc) including post centres and depth of posts. Note: railing length is measured in real-time based on actual dimensions along underlying topography – using accurate terrain information, not nominal ‘plan-view’ approximations).

Reverse & Refine

fencereverserAmend and manoeuvre fence panels to suit – and record, report and schedule changes automatically.