CS ArtisanRV Features – Landscape Revit® Integration

First Cloud-based software solution for landscape Revit® integration

landscape revit integration

CS ArtisanRV is the first Cloud-based software solution to enable landscape Revit® integration.

Autodesk Revit® is specifically built for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and has established a reputation for being best in class throughout the construction industry.

Revit® allows architects, landscape architects, structural engineers, MEP engineers, designers and contractors to design and manage an information rich virtual model collaboratively with full annotation tools and dynamic scheduling.

Revit® enables collaborators from different disciplines to access the same parametric model using a ‘family editor’ where all relationships between components, views and annotations are interlinked and associated.

And if you’re not quite ready to leap to Revit 2016 yet, you needn’t wait to get started with CS ArtisanRV.  You can now trial RV for Revit 2015.