CS ArtisanRV Features: Terrain Tools for Topography

New Terrain Tools for Topography

Accurate ground modelling with 3D content and triangulation

A new set of Terrain Tools has been developed by CSD that are designed to automate the process of manipulating a topography within the Revit environment.

VIDEO:  A Linear Path is created by selecting Model Lines (lines, arcs, splines), defining gradient and embankment slope to dynamically cut and fill a topography.

“This ArtisanRV new Topo tool is a real game changer… All our path gradients etc. are normally designed in Civil 3D but what you have produced there pretty much negates the need to do that!”

– Landscape Digital Development Manager, Arup

Revit is not recognised for its array of topography tools.  Up to now, there have been a multitude of ways of ‘getting a topo surface’ into Revit.  You can import from another program or create content using the basic topography tools within Revit.

But how is an existing topography modified in a Revit environment?  Up to now, the answer to this has been: “With difficult!”.  Seasoned Revit practitioners will either manually edit points or resort to re-importing a new topo from another program.

That is where the new terrain tools from CS ArtisanRV come into their own.

Manipulate the topography

The Terrain Tools enable easy manipulation of the topo within Revit by selecting model lines, arcs, splines and defining a required gradient that is cut through or built up from the underlying topography.

ManipulateTopos1 -Terrain Tools

View and Modify in 2D or 3D Models

The Terrain modification tools enable Revit Floors to be placed, as an option, at the same time as the topography is being edited.  Users can determine whether the modified topography is moved to the bottom of the floor profile (default), remains at the same level, or is deleted.

Clearly the Terrain modification tools offer significant efficiencies when creating 3D model content and triangulation provides a good indication of the resultant ground modelling required in 2D.

ground modelling revit 2D and 3D

Display Cut and Fill in Plan View

Viewing the modified triangulation in 3D or 2D does not provide sufficient guidance for the contractor to turn the model concept into reality.  So,  another option in the terrain tools allows the display of the resultant areas of Cut and Fill in Plan View for setting out on site, identified by a distinct hatch pattern and colour.

At any point, view and modify detailed schedules  with the updated quantities of Cut and Fill material.



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