CSD Licensing System

Controlling your CSD licenses

CS Design software is controlled via a web licensing service and licences are activated on each computer and logged against an organisation’s account. Licences can be switched between machines by running the De-Activate utility.  This removes the local machine key and associated entry on our server and frees the licence back to your organisation’s account for re-authorisation.

Administrators are able to view active licences via the CSD Customer Login – My Account to help manage licence allocation.

1_licensing popup

CSD Buddy App

Licensing is handled via the CSDBuddy App that is also responsible for automating the process of delivering software enhancements and updates.

Right-mouse picking the CSD Buddy App from the Taskbar displays options to Check for Updates and Licence and Settings. Full and trial licensing for all CSD products is controlled from the same centralised Licence Request resource.


CSD Palette Builder

Software is installed on a local machine with some services (in addition to licensing) being provided via the Internet. This includes the CSD Palette Builder, which is accessed either via a browser through the Customer Login area or directly from the Palette Builder command within CS ArtisanRV. The Palette Builder provides a structured, searchable library that users access to create and manage selections (palettes); a Download Palettes utility creates a local copy of the file/s so that workflow can continue off-line within the Revit or AutoCAD environments. Users are able to display additional object information from the web repository that is not required locally to create model content (e.g. planting performance information, characteristics, photos) and this appears as a browser view.2_visualThe software can be installed on multiple machines but is authorised (Activated) on a machine-by-machine basis. Licences can be switched between machines by running the De-Activate utility that frees the licence back to the Organisation account. The De-Activate utility is available from the Licence and Settings area via the CSD Buddy App that resides in the Taskbar.