CSD AutoUpdate Service and CSD Buddy App

Access the latest builds and features

CSD Artisan Buddy App

The CSD Update Service has been created to make it easier for users to access the latest builds and features without the need for manually checking, downloading and installing. This is particularly important when software such as CS ArtisanRV is continuing to be developed at pace in response to end user requirements as BIM for Landscape continues to mature.

The AutoUpdate utility is delivered via a CSD Buddy App that continually checks the availability of new builds as a background service.  It  is accessible via the CSD Downloads area after you have logged in.

The CSD Buddy App operates provides notifications from the Client Service that connects locally installed CAD and BIM Applications to the Web-based Update Server.

CSD Versions installed

Once installed, the CSD Buddy App continually monitors your installed CSD products and notifies you of any available updates.  These updates can then be run automatically without the need for separate downloads and installations.

CSD Available Updates

With one right-mouse-click, choose the CSD Buddy App and the Taskbar displays options to Check for Updates and Licence and Settings.  Full and trial licensing for all CSD products is controlled from the same centralised resource.

CSD License Transfer

From the CSD Buddy App, pick Check for Updates to install the latest versions of any CSD software installed on the current machine.  Pick Check for Update and first update the CSD Updater at the bottom of the list.  After this, re-run the Update facility and update the application (Artisan or ArtisanRV as appropriate). Once the most up to date CSD Auto Updater is installed, this ensures it is much easier to keep up to date with new versions as they become available.