New Features for CS ArtisanRV: Import Existing Tree Survey Information

Existing Tree Survey information

“This has the potential to show both current and proposed landscapes in a far more realistic manner aiding the decision making process.”

Accurate survey information is critical through construction project phases and to establish the starting (access) point for the whole life-cycle focus of BIM workflows.

Trees are important elements of green infrastructure, contributing to urban cooling through evapo-transpiration and providing micro-climatic effects that positively impact on energy demands in the built environment.

In the UK, BS5387:2012 is intended to assist decision-making with regard to existing trees in the context of design, demolition and construction. Root systems, stems and canopies are needed to be taken into account in all projects along with allowance for future movement and growth and the early provision of physical protection is critical.

The beauty of the above British Standard is that it follows a logical sequence of events that are wholly appropriate for BIM.

  • Initial tree survey and categorisation
  • Identification of constraints and Root Protection Areas (RPAs)
  • Identification of trees for retention and removal
  • Identification of pre, during and post-construction operations

So how can this be done?

New Import Tools

Tree surveys are carried out by arboriculturists using hand-held devices in the field, recorded in a standard file format.  CS ArtisanRV enables this source survey information to be imported directly into a Revit environment via a mapping utility that associates survey fields with Revit family parameters.

But that’s just the start.  Read more about this new import functionality and all CS ArtisanRV’s product features.

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