Manipulating topos in Revit – Game Changer!

Accurate ground modelling with 3D content and triangulation

You asked. We listened

“This ArtisanRV new Topo tool is a real game changer… All our path gradients etc. are normally designed in Civil 3D but what you have produced there pretty much negates the need to do that!”

– Landscape Digital Development Manager, Arup

Revit is not recognised for its array of topography tools… Fact!  Up to now, there have been a multitude of ways of ‘getting a topo surface’ into Revit.  You can import from another program or create content using the basic topography tools within Revit.

But how is an existing topography modified in a Revit environment?  The answer is: With difficulty!  Seasoned Revit practitioners will either manually edit points or resort to re-importing a new topo from another program.

New Terrain Tools with CS ArtisanRV

A new set of Terrain Tools has been developed by CSD that are designed to automate the process of manipulating a topography within the Revit environment.

The Terrain Tools enable easy manipulation of the topo within Revit by selecting model lines, arcs, splines and defining a required gradient that is cut through or built up from the underlying topography.

ground modelling revit 2D and 3D Cut_Fill ManipulateTopos1 Schedules

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