Bamboos – Canes, Culms, Shoots

Bamboos may be further qualified by the number of canes/culms/shoots which can be expected for a given size of specified plant.

Rootballed bamboos

The number of canes/culms/shoots which, dependent on growth habit and size, may be specified is 2, 3/4, 5/7 or 8/12.

Container grown bamboos

The number of canes/culms/shoots occurring from ground level is specified below:

Typical species Container size No of shoots
Fargesia murieliae C3 3/5
Pleioblastus humilis Var. pumilus C2 3/5
Fargesia murieliae ‘Simba’ C5 5/7
Sasa veitchii C10 7/10
Phyllostachys nigra C15 10/15

For larger container sizes, the OVERALL HEIGHT and the NUMBER OF BREAKS will increase in proportion of the habit and vigour of the plant.