Climbers – Overall Height

nps climbers overall heightThe overall height is significant in the purchase of climbing plants, although this is now additionally qualified by reference to the number of branches (or breaks) which is to be expected for the plant of that size.  Climbers can vary from medium types to vigorous, fast growing species and it is important to specify appropriately for each type. The following tables give information about the general grades for shrubs in cultivation.

Climbers are grown container grown except Parthencissus quinquefolia and cvs. which may supplied bare root from continental sources.

Container grown Climbers

The following are the typical height grades used for the supply of container grown climbers. The actual grade is determined by the cultural conditions of the plant and the characteristics of the species/cv.
Typical height grades are shown in type.  In addition, the height, habit and number of breaks must be specified.

For Specimen climbing plants, the height grade and size of container must be specified.

Height in cm: Container size
40-60 C1.5 or C2
60-80 C2 or C3
80-100 C3 or C5

Bare root Climbers

Only Parthenocissus quinquefolia and vigorous cvs. are available bare root. This is extremely uncommon but is grown in this form from Continental sources.