Climbers – Plant List

The NPS Climbers Plant List provides industry-approved species and varieties with associated specifications that are generally available in the UK/Europe.

CSD has been delivering and supporting NPS on the GoHelios website on behalf of the Landscape Institute and Horticultural Trades Association since 2000.  All of the functionality provided via GoHelios has been duplicated and extended by the CS Artisan web-integrated solution for a number of years.  The low-cost annual subscription for CS Helios has been created to continue to provide and extend this essential service for the landscape profession.

To view the NPS Climbers plant specification list, sign up now your for free NPS access.  To enjoy the additional benefits of an extended plant library of over 9,500 plants, their characteristics and the ability to build palettes of plants for your designs, you can start your 7-day free trial of CS Helios here.

CS Flora provides additional functionality including full searching by characteristic and extended libraries.

For full NPS Approved Plant List, available in a fully searchable planting library, choose CS Flora.

Plant lists can be interrogated by characteristic, performance, habit and all records are displayed with indicative photographs.