Climbers – Root Protection

The Root System

The Root system must be well developed by good nursery practice influenced by the natural characteristics of the species/cultivar taking into account its age and growth rates under the cultural and soil conditions within which it is growing.  The system must not show any coiled main roots close to the collar, nor any physiological damage.
The root system must not be allowed to dry out at any time.

Root Protection

Climbers are supplied either container-grown or bare root.

Container grown Climbers
nps climbers root protectionContainer grown plants should have been grown in the container for sufficient time for the root growth to have substantially penetrated the medium but not be root bound.  The rooting must be well balanced in accordance with the container size.

Plants are to be centred in the container, well rooted, firm and must be moist on delivery, with the growing medium coming within a suitable depth of the pot rim, taking into account the size of the container and the age since potting.

The surface of the growing medium shall be free of all weeds. Plants shall be supplied in rigid containers or polybags. If polybags are used, then this should be stated.

Container grown plants are defined by ‘C’ followed by a number indicating the volume in litres, e.g. C5.  Pot grown plants are defined by P followed by a number indicating the upper, outside width in cm, e.g. P9.

Bare root Climbers
These are supplied in bags, ideally the bags used should be manufactured from co-extruded polythene – black on the inside and white on the outside.The root system must not be allowed to dry out at any time between lifting and final planting.