Herbaceous Plants – Minimum Spread

Due to the non-woody character of most herbaceous plants and their rapid growth from a healthy and vigorous root system, the dimensions of the aerial parts are less significant in plant specification. However, where evergreen herbaceous plants are used for ground cover, the spread of the plant may be specified. The following gives some indication of overall spread for various species but these have not been sufficiently tested.

Overall spread in cm. Plant type Pot or container size
8-10 Low spreading/medium spp./cvs. e.g.: Acaena spp., Armeria spp., Ajuga spp., Epimedium spp., Festuca spp., Galium spp., Saxifraga spp., Stachys spp., Waldsteinia spp. P9
Medium/vigorous spp./cvs: e.g.Bergenia spp., Phalaris arundinacea ‘Picta’ C1