Shrubs – Size of Container

Within the NPS shrubs container size is defined by ‘C’ followed by a number indicating the volume in litres, e.g. C5.

The volume of cell grown plants is indicated in cubic centimetres (cc).  Sometimes reference is made to pot grown plants. ‘Pot’ refers to a small container, less than 2 litres in volume typically used in propagation.  Pot grown plants are defined by ‘P’ followed by a number indicating the upper, outside width in cm, typically ranging from 5-13 cm.  P9 is a typical small size, containing approx. 0.5 litres of growing medium.

Typical container sizes for shrubs are as follows:

Cell grown Shrubs
Size of cell (cc) Minimum root collar diameter (mm) Approx overall height
100 4 10-20
200 4 15-30
200 4 20-40
200 6 40-60
Container Grown Shrubs
Type Volume in litres
P9 0.5
C1 1
C1.5 1.5
C2 2
C3 3
C4 4
C5 5
C7.5 7.5
C10 10