Trees – Container-Grown

Within NPS Container grown trees are defined by ‘C’ followed by a number indicating the volume in litre, e.g. C5.  The volume of cell-grown plants is indicated in cubic centimetres (cc).  Typical container sizes for trees are as follows:

Type Volume Typical Overall height (cm) (species-dependent)
Cell 50 cc 10-20
Cell 100 cc 20-40
Cell 100 cc 40-60
Cell 200 cc 60-90
C 1 – 2 L 40-50
C 2-5 L 80-100
C 5L + 100-125
C 5-10L 125-150
C 10-15 L 150-175
C 10-25 L 175-250
NPS container grown trees
7.5-20 Litre Containers
40-85 Litre Containers
40-85 Litre Containers

All forms of trees are available in containers from 7.5 litre to 85 litre (shown) and larger.  The range of species reduces with the increasing size of trees.  Larger trees are available or, if time is available, large trees can be grown by contract to a specific size for a particular species.  No standards are available for these trees and personal selection is strongly encouraged.