Wildflowers – Size of Container

nps wildflowers container size
Pot grown Wildflower

Wildflowers are grown as plugs (in moulded trays) and in pots. The supply of wildflowers as plugs is increasingly popular, being a cheap method of supplying large quantities of container grown wildflowers. Whilst there is a very wide range of sizes of plugs used in plant production, it is important to specify a plug size which is widely used and appropriate to obtain a healthy and vigorous plant. In many instances, for harsh landscape sites where there are environmental constraints which will combat establishment or other plants which will compete for water, light and nutrient, larger pot sizes might enable greater levels of success.

The following table indicates typical and preferred sizes of plugs and pots.

No. of Plugs / tray Approx. volume of plug
400-600 <5 ml
200-400 5-15 ml
100-200 15-40 ml
50-100 40-50 ml
30-50 >50 ml

Exact volumes will vary depending on the supplier.

Pot and Container sizes
Symbol Volume in litres Pot size in cm
P (0.3) P7
P (0.5) P9
C or P 1 P11
C or P 1.5 P13
C 2 C
3 C 4
C 5

Wildflowers are available in larger container sizes but these are not grown to a standard.  The size of the container depends on the vigour or the species/cvs.