Wildflowers – Number of Buds

During the winter dormant period, it is possible to identify the buds/potential growing points of herbaceous perennials. These may be identified as follows:

  • Buds:  These may develop to produce an inflorescence in the following growing season.
  • Axillary buds:  These are growth buds; they are unlikely to produce inflorescences in the following growing season but will initiate the growth by which the clump increases in size.
NPS Wildflowers Number of buds

The number of buds is an indication of the potential growth of herbaceous wildflowers, particularly in the first year.  This may be significant in the specification of open ground herbaceous plants supplied as clumps (e.g. Iris pseudacorus).

For typical clumps which are supplied, 2, 3 or 4 buds might be expected.  For all plug and most pot grown wildflowers, the number of buds is insignificant.