Plant Browser in Artisan (AutoCAD)

Display and manage your Plant Palettes

Due for release this Autumn 2020 in CS Artisan and already available as standard within CS Artisan RV,  users will now be able to access an enriched, deeper information display on plants and their management.

Identify, select and modify

From the Plant Browser, users are able to quickly identify and select planting by entity, type, location and instance.  Planting content can be modified for all selections, including substitutions and deletions.

Dynamic Display

Choose plan view, zoom and scroll, change and revert.  View plants simultaneously in a list AND graphical view to select quickly and accurately the RIGHT plants, individually or by area or species/variety.



Choose and adapt properties by Instance or Type

Expanded planting records are displayed in the Plant Explorer as either INSTANCE or TYPE properties.

Choose the Instance Properties tab to modify specification information for all or selected plants, either manually or choosing from the pop-down options.

Plant Browser_InstanceProperties

Choose the TYPE Properties tab to define or modify Ultimate Height, Ultimate Spread and Years to Full Growth for ALL instances of a plant.


Delete and substitute planting

The Plant Browser provides a centralised tool for viewing, filtering and selecting planting content in a model.  Selected plant instances, types, locations can be deleted or substituted individually or in multiples.


Plant Browser: Features on Youtube

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