Planting Substitutions in Artisan RV workflows

Adapt your plant selections to suit

Now available in CS Artisan as well as CS Artisan RV, you can now select planting “types” (species or varieties) and change ANY  instances (i.e. an individual placement of that plant) or ALL instances within the model (i.e. every single time you have placed this plant).

Powerful flexibility

This is not only an enormous resource saver in terms of time and input, but it gives the users complete flexibility, enabling you to make pinpoint or mass changes, simply and quickly.

Planting Substitutes_ElementsHostingPlants

Select and change by variety, species or specification

These individual or mass changes can be implemented by selecting another record from a palette.  These changes can then be transferred from Concept Planting to Detailed Planting.

Planting Substitutes_ChooseFromAnotherPallette

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