Planting Visualisation in CS ArtisanRV

CS ArtisanRV in Autodesk LIVE

A common question we are often asked is: “Do the planting families in ArtisanRV offer a realistic representation of the species and can the tree and plant types be used for visualisation straight from Revit?”.

Our standard response is as below but this question is at the very nub of what BIM is all about. Clearly the focus is firmly on the underlying ‘information’, but it is sometimes difficult to decide on how far to push the ‘visuals’ within the modelling environment.

CSD has concentrated its efforts to date on ensuring that there is a robust system to place and size planting in its various guises accurately in BIM whilst recording all the essential, underlying specification and characteristic information. This ensures that planting is placed accurately on the topography (or floor, region) and is sized by defined specification dimensions. Plant material can then be grown via the Age utility which resizes individual plant species up to their ultimate height/spread based on the number of years to maturity. Here is a video showing the Age Planting in CS ArtisanRV –

The current graphical content is not intended to be photo-real but serves the intended purpose of illustrating an accurate general massing per species (type) and instance.

Our focus has been on production documentation such as plans, sections, elevations, which has been used actively in projects around the world, like the example from Arup below.

Investigation has started into VR products including Autodesk Live and a number of customers have suggested establishing closer links with the likes of e.g. Lumion or Enscape, that are clearly better suited to creating realistic experiences.

Inevitably though, the questions will continue: “just how far can we push our models visually in Revit?” and “just how realistic can we make them?”.