Remote Working CS Artisan and CS Artisan RV

Flexible licensing for flexible landscape design

Managing your landscape designs from a home office or remote work station needs to work on your terms in these times of social distancing.  So what does that mean for your organisation and remote working users of CS Artisan and CS Artisan RV?

How does this work with licensing, multiple users and concurrent use?  Simple.  It works seamlessly with the CSD Buddy App.

CSD Buddy App


Is it possible to load ArtisanRV and Artisan onto multiple machines, as staff will be working remotely?


You can install CSD software on as many computers as you need.  The important factor to consider is “concurrent use”, i.e. how many people in your organisation are using the software AT THE SAME TIME.  So, if you have 4 licences, the software may be installed on any number of devices, but this only allows you to have 4 staff using the software AT THE SAME TIME.


If we need to switch “use” of the software from user to user, how do we do that?


Each user can manually deactivate, activate or reactivate their individual computers licenced version via the CSD Buddy App.  When you finish using the software, simply open the CSD Buddy App, deactivate, and that licence goes back into your organisation’s account, ready for activation by another user.

And if you choose the “Deactivate Licence on closing Revit” (if using RV) or “Deactivate Licence on closing AutoCAD” (if using Artisan), this will automatically close and return the licence to your organisation’s account each time you close the software, ensuring your teams make the most effective use of its available software licences within your Revit or AutoCAD environments.

CSD Licensing Deactivate

Advanced Enterprise Working

CS Artisan and CS ArtisanRV includes support for users operating enterprise systems using Active Directories Group Policy at a computer level or via a centrally-managed software distribution solution.  This can be globally set up by your Network Manager. For further information and a copy of our Group Policy Support documentation, contact our Support Team.

The configuration controls access to CS Artisan and CS ArtisanRV (whether or not the add-in is ‘Enabled’ by default) and whether licences are automatically relinquished when an AutoCAD or Revit session closes via the ‘Deactivate Licence on closing Revit’ option.

Checking your current version

Please ensure that you have installed and updated to the most current version of the CS ArtisanRV and CS Artisan applications and the CSD AutoUpdate service. There have been some fundamental enhancements to the licensing system, controlled through the CSD Buddy App to aid remote working especially on laptops –  with or without docking stations.

The most current build for CSD products is available from the CSD Downloads page.

You will need your login credentials to access this service.