Revit Planting and Tree Pits | Above, below and beyond the landscape

Parametric Plants and Tree Pits: Revit Planting

The next release of CS ArtisanRV takes the Revit landscape above and beyond with the ability to convert topos to floors.  And now you can ensure your tree pits are given due consideration, beneath the design surface.

The latest CS ArtisanRV video takes a new look at placing Planting in Revit.

Add Parametrics

Use Cloud-based plant data without sacrificing speed or memory

Revit planting parametricParametric planting families are created on the fly based on information downloaded via the CSD Cloud based Palette Builder.  Individual specimens, linear items (hedges and avenues) and areas (beds and woodlands) are created as single species or mixes.

Dynamic Changes

Update, sort, group and filter by location, plant variables, mixes

Dynamic records

Planting schedules dynamically record model changes and can be sorted, grouped and filtered using parameters including location, plant class, abbreviation, mix…

Age, grow, select

From initial spec to ultimate growth by plant, selection, model

Age and Grow

Planting is aged from initial planting (specification) dimensions to ultimate growth using a slider bar control for individual planting, selections, or the entire model.

Select and convert topos to floors

Topo to Floor

Planting beds defined as floors are created by the Topo to Floor tool, enabling material take-offs for schedules.

Sized tree pits based on canopy spread

Tree PIts

Tree pits are sized according to species ultimate canopy spread and selected tree pit profiles (Floors). Tree Pit material quantities are displayed in schedules.