Sorting Planting Reports in CS Artisan

Reports are dynamic views of accurate information in a drawing or model. In CS Artisan, reports automatically reflect changes to Labels in the drawing.

We are often asked about how to sort, order or group planting records in schedules or reports. At the end of the day, it is all about the data and how you want to have it displayed. WHAT you want to include or exclude is determined by filtering; groups are assigned to separate reports into meaningful segments and records are sorted alphabetically or numerically by field.

Sorting a Report Alphabetically by Plant Name

Reports can be sorted by whichever field/s you require. The example below is grouped by Class (Bamboo, Herbaceous, Shrub, Tree) and then alphabetically by plant name.

The underlying Report Template for the above example is constructed as below…

The ‘Object Name’ (i.e. Plant Name) is selected as Order 1. Your example clearly is sorted by ‘Mix’ and then by ‘Class’ and then by ‘Quantity’ (Nr).

Displaying Mixes in Reports

If you include Mixes and Individual Plants in the same Report and arrange Grouping by Mix Name, all Individual Plants that are not included in a Mix will be displayed first in the Report as in the example below. All of the Mixes and their components are displayed under the Individual Plant listings and are sorted by Abbreviation in the example shown.

It may be preferable to have one report that includes Mixes and components (sorted by Mix and then alphabetically by Plant Name, if required) and then have a separate report that only includes Individual Plants (i.e. does NOT include plants in a mix.

Here is the Report Template to display only Mixes (i.e. those that include “Mix” in the ‘mix name’ field).

Here is the Report Template to display only Individual Plants (i.e. Plants that are NOT part of a “Mix”).

When the Report Template has been created to display the correct information, with records grouped and sorted as required, users can edit the Format to achieve the desired visual effect. Data is the key, but it still can look good!