FAQ BIM for Landscape

  1. What is BIM?
  2. What is COBie?
  3. What is a Federated Model?
  4. What is IFC?
  5. What is the Level of Detail in BIM?
  6. What are Product Data Templates/Sheets (PDTs/PDSs) in BIM?
  7. What is a Data Drop?

What is BIM?

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a strategic process to design life-cycle project management from cradle to grave.  BIM incorporates data – physical, commercial, environmental & operational, on every element of a development’s design. Fundamentally BIM is about doing data exchange better.

Creating a virtual digital information 3D model that is rich in data that can inform the decision-making process and answer questions throughout the entire project lifecycle. It needs to be implemented in a collaborative environment.

What is COBie?

COBie (Construction Operations Building information exchange) is the information exchange requirement for BIM projects, although not always required.  Format is spreadsheet, generally in Microsoft Excel. The spreadsheet is completed as the project progresses by various parties.

COBie UK 2012 is the UK specific version of COBie using UniClass classification in place of OmniClass.

What is a Federated Model?

A Federated Model is a compilation of models from one or more programs that can define a complete or partial Data Set for a design.

What is IFC?


IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is an open-source language schema used for interoperability and information exchange.  IFC is the accepted file format for BIM information exchange.  IFC open source code is both human and machine readable.





What is Level of Detail (LOD) in BIM?

level of detailThe specification detail required for elements of the project at any particular stage. The information becomes richer (more detailed) as the project moves closer to the construction stage.




What are Product Data Templates/Sheets (PDTs/PDSs) in BIM?

product data templatesProduct Data Templates (PDTs) describe the data fields required to define products used in the design, construction and management of landscapes. PDTs are presented as a spreadsheet based repository and by standardising fields to describe objects, will allow like-for-like comparisons.

A Product Data Sheet (PDS) is a completed PDT available to a designer, installer, maintenance team to properly understand the functional properties of a product. Ordinarily a PDS will be completed by a manufacturer/supplier.



What is a Data Drop?

schematic data flowData Drops are defined instances of information exchange. Data Drops and other information exchanges replace traditional Document exchange processes.