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Harness the power of Revit for hardworks

BIM for landscape:  Revit for Hardworks in CS ArtisanRV


Thought we were just about plants? Think again

Imagine fencing, paving and other building materials, automated in your landscape designs.  Backed up with a manufacturer’s product library of exact specifications to build your schedules and collaborate with your contractors, architects and stakeholders.

Revit for hardworks: Youtube

Now harness the power of Revit for hardworks

CS ArtisanRV is the first web integrated landscape solution for Revit. You’ve seen our initial developments, focused on linear and area planting, with the added benefits of growth and an immense library of plants and characteristics within the National Plant Specification.

revit for hardworks: create and visualiseCreate & visualise

Create a fence run dynamically that follows the topography
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revit for hardworks: size and defineSize & Define

Control size and definition of all components (post, rails, pales, gravel board etc) including post centres and depth of posts.
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revit for hardworks: reverse and refineReverse & Refine

Amend and manoeuvre fence panels to suit – and record, report and schedule changes automatically.
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Coming Soon

And there’s more to come for hardworks in CS ArtisanRV.  Stay on board and be the first to find out how you can begin to harness Revit as a platform for all your landscape plans, designs and schedules.

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