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Smart Landscape | BIM and Big Data

Think BIM, think BIG DATA


The economic, social, environmental and cultural benefits of high quality public space is obvious.  It has been well-documented in the UK by CABE Space.  As a result, Smart Landscape and Green Infrastructure are now firmly on the agenda.

Digital Built Britain asks for a refinement of approach, delivery of standards, methods and tools.  It also calls for significant learning and savings to be made through the use of digital technologies.

The Value of Green Infrastructure

In 2014, London launched its first Infrastructure Plan 2050 to identify, prioritise and cost London’s future infrastructure.  Green infrastructure is a key consideration in the plan, on par with transport, energy, water and waste.  Putting a value on this green infrastructure becomes ever more important in its justification.

Valuing London’s Urban Forest: The Forestry Commission

BIM for Smart Landscape

Methodologies for recording, valuing and analysing landscape should become integral to information collated during BIM processes.  Add to this the adoption of sensor technology to automatically collect and exchange data during an asset’s operational life and green infrastructure becomes part of the Internet of Things (IoT) –  the inter-connectivity of everything and how we collect and exchange data on this.

Cities are booming.  50% of the world’s population is a city dweller and that is growing by 1.5 million people every week. With rapid urbanisation comes massive added pressure on infrastructure, the environment and society.   Cities may only occupy 0.5% of the world’s land surface but they consume 75% of its natural resources.

A radical rethink of cities is required that does not place the car as the primary focus but instead places people, communities and the environment at the centre. This transformation can only occur with the use and application of the latest smart technologies within the new digital economy.

Feeding green infrastructure information into  the IoT has fuelled initiatives like Smart Cities.    The scope to address significant challenges such as sustainability, climate change, increased urbanisation and flooding  simply cannot be achieved when considering assets in isolation.

We have to start thinking Smart Landscape.

Smart Landscape

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